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Executive Summary Today’s architectural and engineering design fields incorporate many facets ranging from aestheticism to functional efficiency. Typically, however, an important factor goes overlooked in major US cities: the ever-increasing risk of a terrorist attack on a busy urban environment, particularly high-rise buildings. The AIA finds it necessary to conduct research regarding this matter for the D.C. Metro area, and would like those with similar interests to understand its importance both in regards to national defense and industry awareness. Now that national defense and security systems have come to adapt to an uncertain society, it is time that our infrastructure and more importantly public and private buildings do the same. A plethora of government buildings and embassies and crowded public museums only stand a matter of time before their existence abruptly ceases. Preventive measures can and must be taken in order to make sure that some of the Nation’s major buildings are adapted and prepared for any type of outside attack. We
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