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terror intro - Introduction On October 8th 2010 we received...

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Introduction On October 8 th , 2010, we received approval of our proposal to Research, Analyze, and Adapt Washington D.C. Structures in Relation to Potential Terrorist Threats. This report presents the findings of our study. We researched Washington D.C.’s structural and infrastructural systems in order to better prepare building designers, construction crews, and engineers for unprecedented and unexpected terrorist attacks. We researched the potential risks of each of the major structures and composed a pre-determined rating system which allowed us to classify structures based on their level of risk of attack. Once that list was established, structural and anti-terrorist building and construction systems were analyzed in order to most appropriately adapt these structures to newly written guidelines. As was evident on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center, while proving to be an outlier in its cause of destruction, aroused a great deal of research and design-based conversation in regards to terror protection. It is exactly this research and conversation
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