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troy fences - Troy and his son Cory have a very interesting...

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Troy and his son Cory have a very interesting relationship, as they each have a bit of each other within themselves. Troy is introduced to us in the play as hardworking and strong, and as a man with a strong sense of family and his responsibility as both a father and a husband. He is in a sense a two-faced man, as one part of him represents the hope he once had and still holds on to, while the other part of him represents the bitterness that has come as a result of the life he is living now. He has great pride for his role as a breadwinner and seems to be a man who is dealing with what life has given him and moving along quite nicely. Once we are introduced to Cory we are able to see the way in which Troy’s past has affected every one of his family members and anyone that he has ever cared about. The opportunities he missed and the way in which he ended up working as a garbage collector really took away his ability to watch his son succeed in something that he wanted to do so badly but couldn’t. Cory is respectful to his father even when he
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