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dear clinton - his lack of motivation He then is at a party...

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Dear Clinton, This story is a bit vague and confusing. The character seems to be extremely depressed and hopeless, yet we are not exactly sure why. There are a few subplots which are unrelated, and it is hard to see the true purpose of the story. Above the Sky is about a young man in a seemingly prestigious university who is really depressed. It begins with him drunk, taking some girl who is coked out back to his place to have sex with her. He ends up not having sex with her because he claims it is not a place he wants to be, and I guess just not something he wants to be doing, possibly because it is too dirty or too meaningless. He then listens to a friend talk about his possible jobs on Wall St., and then friend seems to serve as a side character who is there just to illuminate our narrator's hopelessness and
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Unformatted text preview: his lack of motivation. He then is at a party and hears about some freshman girl who killed herself the other week because she got back her grades and just couldn't handle it. The story ends with him leaving the party and deciding that he needs to get out of that school because wherever he goes he is sure he will end up better there than if he stays in school. This story is a series of episodes which help the reader understand that the narrator is depressed and is unhappy with his life. The other characters are trivial, and it seems to be a story just about him and his thoughts. There is a lack of setting description as well as background information about the main character. This was a good piece, but it could definitely use some work. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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