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Dear Grace

Dear Grace - a home They put the grandmother in a home but...

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Dear Grace, Your story was quite touching and very moving. I liked the third person point of view because it really helped the reader to see the full picture and to understand the family dynamics. Palimpsest is about a girl and her grandmother who is very ill from Alzheimer’s. They have very many trying episodes in which she, along with her grandfather and mother try to keep her grandmother at home, in their care and under their watch. It is quite amazing how much they can do for her, but one day the grandmother just loses it and hits her granddaughter, the main character, and that is when they decide to put her in
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Unformatted text preview: a home. They put the grandmother in a home, but Sam, the granddaughter, is still pretty crushed over it. Once the grandmother is in the home for Alzheimer’s patients, Sam reflects on her time taking care of her grandmother and realizes that although her grandmother may not remember everything, she herself will always have the memories they shared together. This story was sweet and touching, and well written. I enjoyed this piece. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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