dear him - is about the narrator's AP Calculus teacher...

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Dear Kimberly, Your story was a bit confusing and took me a little time to understand. There were many different parts to the story and I had trouble seeing how any of them really connected, or what the message of the story really was. Still Me is the story of a girl in high school and her three best friends. There are numerous chapters of different episodes in the girls life. The first chapter is one in which she and her best friends are in an english class together. They hand in an essay, and the narrator and her friend both receive really bad grades. They both go to speak to the teacher after class, and they find out that the teacher was under the impression that they both copied off of each other. The narrator's friend sticks up for her, and she describes it as her friend "having a baby on Ms. Baressi". The next section of the story
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Unformatted text preview: is about the narrator's AP Calculus teacher publicly announcing that she thought she was too stupid to take AP Calculus, and the narrator describes how upset she was upon hearing this. The third section of the story is about how the narrator, Devra, handed in her paper late and got penalized for it. She mentions she got a % on her AP exam, and then she ends off the story discussing how she dyed her hair brown in her second year of college, and although her hair may be a different color, she is sill who she is. This story needs a lot of work. It was very confusing and does not have much of a storyline. Maybe writing about something a little more interesting or more appealing to the reader would work better. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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dear him - is about the narrator's AP Calculus teacher...

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