dear isabelle

dear isabelle - her she takes all her precious jewels and...

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Dear Isabelle, I sincerely enjoyed The Fish Princess. It was a great story and reminded me of fairy tales from when i was much younger. The length was perfect and the amount of detail and exquisite description really made the story. The Fish Princess is about a princess who was born to a royal family but ends up being a fish. At first it is assumed that she is a mermaid, and everyone in the royal family neglects her because she is different and clearly not human. She understands that she is different, and constantly feels rejected and upset about her life. Her older sister is beautiful and is to be married soon, and she is ugly and fishy and an outcast. One day she hears of a witch and some settlers coming t town. She soon finds out that her father the King has arranged for her to be married to a man whom she has no desire to marry. Dreading her future and her curiosity getting the better of
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Unformatted text preview: her, she takes all her precious jewels and goes to see the witch. The witch tells her that with one kiss her wish can come true, so the Princess goes back to the palace with that knowledge. She sees the most beautiful fish in a cooking pot and decides to kiss it, and as a result she turns into a fish. She lies there flopping around and gasping for air because she is now a fish. The cook, not knowing that this fish on the floor is really the princess, picks it up and chips its head off for dinner. This story was really well written. The element of surprise at the end was perfectly executed and we really got a great feel for the members of the princess's family and the royal palace. The description of the food at the final meal was really great and made the reader feel as if they were really there. This is a job well done. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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dear isabelle - her she takes all her precious jewels and...

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