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Dear Ms. Graham, Hello, its __Erica Broome___________ from ENGL244. 1) I would like to look at the passage from Oedipus Rex Scene 2 lines 20 to 130 for the first paper. This is  the point in the play when Oedipus confronts Kreon and they argue about Kreon’s supposed betrayal and  Oedipus’s stubbornness. 2) This portion of the play interests me because it emphasizes the character flaws in Oedipus and it is a 
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Unformatted text preview: definite foreshadowing that he is in the wrong and is indeed the murderer he is accusing Kreon of being. It brings us closer to their characters but at the same time illuminates the fruitlessness of their argument because of the fatalistic worldview that we learn from this play. I hope you agree that this is a great passage for the first paper. Thank you, Erica Broome...
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