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Dear Yessenia - girl runs through the narrator’s...

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Dear Yessenia, Your story was quite confusing and scattered. The writing was exquisite and the descriptions were great, but the plot was not solid and we read much more about the setting and the forest than we did about the character or nay other characters in the story. Serenity is about a girl who is apparently dead, perhaps even a ghost. She is living in the forest, with the animals in the critters. She describes her death as seeing a white light, and the accident which caused her death. She understands that she is dead, and that death just brings about more questions rather than answers. At the end of the story a little
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Unformatted text preview: girl runs through the narrator’s “spirit”, and she retreats back into the forest to return to her serenity of death. This story was enjoyable and somewhat mystic and fantastical. It definitely needed some clarification and more of a plot. I was confused as to the purpose of the story and the purpose of any of the characters. It is definitely a good start, but your next piece should perhaps focus on the story rather than the narrator’s thoughts. Good start though. I enjoyed the read. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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