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Dear Zach, This story was a bit lengthy and superfluous. I liked the extreme detail with which we were able to get a feel for Oscar's life and his feelings. It was definitely a fun and fairy-tale like story. Simply Genetics is about a man who feels as if he is an outcast. He is extremely ugly and he works at the junkyard every day of the week. He lives in New York City, and is an extremely self-loathing and pitiful character. One day in the junkyard he comes across a paper that advertises a genetics testing center. He decided to see for himself what this place is, so he makes an appointment. Not knowing what he really came for, he discovers that he was the first child that this center ever created. He was their first experiment. He hates them for it, and once he
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Unformatted text preview: discovers them he is ashamed of who he is and is determined not to let them win. He decides to make something of his misfortune, of his being an experiment. He decided to make something of his life. The story ends off with his dog talking to him, leaving us to question whether the dog was a product of the genetics lab as well. This story was a bit lengthy and a bit repetitive. It could have used a twist or something different in Oscar's life, like a love interest or a fellow monster. It was well developed, it just needs some work in helping to keep the readers interest throughout the entire piece. Thanks, Erica Broome...
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