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Review for Third Exam – Personality Psych Thanks to all who contributed to this Review Sheet!! The invariant organizing principle or life theme that appears in the music of Bach - Can be found in Lecture on 4/15 - Bach had a love of earthly life and enjoyed living life with pleasures. - But, there was a part of him that was connected to his parents who passed away. That part of him oriented towards eternity and the heavens. - There was a split between living life and mourning his past. - This split let to a split personality in his genius of writing music that had splits in it. - BACH’S PERSONALITY: A world-negating part (link to Heaven, locus of the lost ones like his mother, uncle, etc.) vs. a world-affirming part (link to Earth – pleasures and purposes of the finite world) o So, Bach was a man divided. The losses were so massive that there was no way to grieve them. Instead, grief can pile up in a devastating way. Child is numb with respect to those feelings. A splintering of personality. He did well but at the expense of the unity of his own soul. o He is the great genius of the musical counterpoint, the fugue. Two melodies that come together and go apart. “Coffee Cantata” – a piece of music he composed; a clash between two wills, one seeking pleasure and the other seeking the heavens (to reunite with lost loved ones) Coffee = earthly pleasures, Wedding = Heavenly union The role of the experience of loss in Bach’s life and music - Can be found in Lecture 4/15 - His father’s twin, his mother and his father died by the time he was age 9. His grades slipped and he was absent from school a lot. o Bach became more religious when faced with tragedy. - His music was an attempt to bring together the earthly pleasures that he enjoyed and the eternity and feelings of Heaven that he wanted to be connected with due to his losses and his loved ones being passed away. o He was torn between the human and the divine. - Bach is embracing the counterpoint in his songs. It symbolizes the two parts of his personality playing against each other. These two parts are dividing and coming together, splitting apart and then rejoining. o Music gives us an endless series of split personalities coming apart and back together. - Bottom line: Loss in Bach’s life caused the tragic splintering of his personality into one that wanted to enjoy life and one that wanted to gain entrance to Heaven to rejoin lost loved ones.
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Introversion and extraversion in Jung’s theory and in his life - Introversion was a component of Adler’s theory. Basically that the subject (person) is always seeking supremacy and security. This corresponded to Jung’s Personality #2, the old man who was a secret and hidden inside Jung. o
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Atwood_Study_Guide_Exahhhm_3 - Review for Third Exam...

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