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Personality Psych - Review Sheet for Exam 2 Thank you to all of you who worked hard to make this possible. Dasein - A being that poses the question of being - The mode of being that belongs to someone who asks, “What is being?” - We are the sorts of beings that can think about that we exist. We can sit down and think about being. - Only humans can think about existing, so we have Dasein. Being-in-the-world - The world is the irreducible context of experience that makes it possible for anything to be encountered, perceived, and interpreted. - It means you cannot take a person out of his world. The world is organically a part of Dasein. - A being that mistakes itself for that which it is not, that sees itself in the reflected light of things. - World – contains anything that we encounter. There is no such thing as a mind that floats without a world. - We think of ourselves as separate from outside reality. There is subject and object. There is us, and then what is outside of us. This is not so. o You can’t cut the world off from the human subject. Being-with - Irreducible relatedness to other human beings. - You can’t pull people away from their relations. (Mother Theresa, Suicide Bomber - both are related to people) - Even to become a recluse in the desert would involve relatedness to the world. Being-toward-death - Human beings unlike any other entity are familiar with their own mortality. - Man knows he will die. - You can’t not take up a relationship with death. o George’s story about his Uncle Dep who explained that there is no such thing as death, you just “step up” to the next level. So, what about someone who thinks there is no such thing as death? Even this is a relationship to death – denial. Historicity - Only humans can tell themselves what history is. We are able to extend ourselves into the future. - Physical history can be traced into time – that is HISTORY. - Historizing – generating your own history: constructing, interpreting - Dasein historizes, interprets and reinterprets is own past (and future) - So, historicity refers to the fact that we have the ability to tell ourselves the story of our lives. We have a physical history (where we have been and what we have done), but we also historize by saying things like, “When I was 5, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life.” o We construct our own pasts.
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- Atwood’s example of even if you feel you have been reborn, that is still historizing. Your view is that your history is gone. Falling - Deindividualizing. - It is conforming and complying with the mainstream. - It’s fulfilling the pressures of our social settings. - “Falling” in line with what we are expected to do - Falling means leaving one's own unique identity and fitting in the social role. -
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Atwood_Study_Guide_Exam_2 - Personality Psych Review Sheet...

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