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Exam+Three+Concept+Guide - Chiseling o Churning...

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Exam Three Concept Guide Siegel Chapter 10 – Violent Crime Expressive vs. instrumental violence Causes o Biological o Psychological o Microsocial o Macrosocial Murder and Manslaughter o Degrees o Types of killers Rape o Types of rape o Reasons for underreporting o Rape and the law Assault and battery o Types of abuse o Nature and extent of abuse Robbery o Armed o Acquaintance Emerging crimes o Hate crimes o Workplace violence o Stalking o Terrorism Siegel Chapter 11 – Property Crime History of theft Contemporary thieves o Occasional vs professional Larceny/Theft o Constructive possession o Petty vs grand larceny o Categories of larceny/theft and means of controlling it Burglary o Types o Career requirements o Females Arson o Motives o profit
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Siegel Chapter 12 – White Collar and Organized Crime enterprise crime White-Collar Crime Fraud
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Unformatted text preview: Chiseling o Churning, front-running, bucketing, insider trading Blue-collar, management, client fraud Corporate crime o Illegal restraint of trade, price fixing, deceptive pricing, false claims advertising, worker safety/environmental crimes Cyber crime o Issues with cyber crimes Theft Fraud Stalking, bullying, terrorism Pornography and prostitution Cyber vandalism Organized crime o Characteristics Siegel Chapter 14 – Criminal Justice System Justice system and issues Costs Police and law enforcement o Issues Court system o Structure o Issues Corrections o Issues The process o Assembly line The Corporation Video – Fox News can legally lie – bovine growth hormones...
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