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Julie Gilbert ASTR100 Homework #3 2/17/08 41. P=560 years P^2=A^3 A= cubed root of P^2 cubed root of 560^2= 67.94 AU Eris’ distance from the sun is 67.94 AU, much greater than that of Pluto’s. 19. This is true. The astronaut is weightless because on the Space Station, she’s in a constant state of free fall. The tether will keep her from floating way from the reach of the Space Station. 41. The Earth’s mass is way too large to be comparable with any human’s, so the tidal
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Unformatted text preview: force cant be felt by humans. 46. a. P^2 = 4 ^2 A^3Moon G(MEarth + MMoon) P^2Earth= 4 ^2 A^3Moon G(MEarth) 4 ^2(3.84 x 10^4 m)^3 (6.67x10^-11 m^3/kg x s^2)(1.42 x10^6)^2 = 1.67 x 10^13 kg = Earths Mass b. P^2Jupiter= 4 ^2 A^3Io G(MJupiter) 4 ^2(4.22 x 10^4)^3 (6.67x10^-11)(.005 x 10^7)^2 = 1.78 x 10^16 = Jupiters Mass c. orbital period = .17 years mass= 2 x 10^30 p^2=a^3 .17^2=a^3 orbital distance= .3 x 10^-8 m...
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