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Julie Gilbert ASTR100 Homework #4 2-23-08 40. a) The atomic number is 9, and the atomic mass number is 19. If another proton was added to the nucleus, the atom would no longer be fluorine as all elements have the same number of protons. If another neutron was added to the nucleus, the atom would become a fluorine isotope. b) It contains 79 protons and 118 neutrons. It has 118 electrons when it is electrically neutral. Three electrons have escaped when it is triply ionized. c) U238 has 146 neutrons, U235 has 143 neutrons 41. a) B- the atom absorbs 10.2 Ev of energy and escapes ground level b) C- atom emits 10.2 eV of energy and returns to ground level c) E- the atom absorbs a photon with 10.2 eV of energy and therefore electrons can escape and become free electrons 44. a) Studying the spectrum of an object can reveal information about the chemical composition of its surface because the absorption and reflection of light patterns on the
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Unformatted text preview: object. b) It can reveal information about the surface temperature of an object because they emit continuous spectrum of thermal raditaion that peaks at a wavelength which is determined by temperature. c) It can reveal information of gas composition from emission lines from the ultraviolet rays in the emission lines. d) It can reveal information about speed at which a planet is moving from the Doppler effect. 50. a) the sun would emit double the radiation b) it would be twice as high c) no we would not be able to survive the immense heat increase and dangerous rays 51. rest wavelength= 121.6 nm line in wavelength 121.9 at star c and 122.9 star d 121.9 nm -121.6 nm 121.6 = 24.68 x 10^-15 nm Star C is moving away from us 122.9-121.6 121.6 = 10. 7 x 10^-15 nm star D is moving away from us...
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