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Julie Gilbert 11-30-07 UNIV 101 Student Organization Meeting Paper I went to a meeting hosted by the Pan-Hellenic Association, which is the student group that runs sorority life on campus. I heard about the meeting from my roommate who is already a member of a sorority. A girl in her sorority house was running the meeting. I also heard about it because many of my friends were planning on attending as well. I chose to go because I wanted to learn more about sonority life on campus because I plan on rushing and joining a sorority in the spring semester. The meeting was a presentation on the rush process in the Stamp Ballroom. Rushing is the process of visiting all the prospective sorority houses. There were many girls there, about three hundred. There was also an opportunity register for rush, but the line was really long so there was also the option of registering online later to register. The
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Unformatted text preview: meeting was lead by a group of Rho Gammas, or girls who were in sororities but disassociated themselves in order to organize the rush process. There was a PowerPoint presentation on the rush process. It is very complicated and the process is very detailed. There is much more to rushing than I expected. For example, there are certain kinds of attire that you have to war on certain days. There was a fashion show detailing the specific clothes we have to wear on specific days. I could no believe how much goes into rushing. All the girls who are rushing get split into groups and we have to go around to every single sorority house multiple times. The whole process is very confusing and time-consuming so I am glad I went to this meeting so that come spring, I will not be as confused or surprised by anything....
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