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Julie Gilbert 9-12-07 Univ 101 Journal # 1 I have been looking forward to college probably from the day I stepped foot into my high school. As senior year drew to a close, my excitement mounted. My friends were teary-eyed at graduation and while admittedly I was a little sad, my anticipation for starting at Maryland overshadowed that sadness. I was so excited to get here, only to find I was in a forced quad, which is not the most desirable living situation. Even more to my dislike, two of my three roommates weren’t exactly what I’d hoped for. After classes started and I began to spend time away from the room, things got a little better. I tried to immerse myself in my schoolwork, which also helped. It got me into a good pattern for focusing on my studies. As of now, I am up to date with my schoolwork, and hopefully this will continue. I have not yet had to write any big college research papers, and I am slightly
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Unformatted text preview: nervous about this. Other than that, academically, I feel that I am prepared to handle my future workload. One part of the curriculum I don’t particularly enjoy is the large lecture. I came from a small private school, and all my classes were primarily discussion based. I am not used to sitting compliantly taking notes for an hour. I much prefer my discussion classes, which I find much more stimulating and interesting. However, I suppose that is the price I have to pay for attending such a large university. I chose Maryland because I wanted a contrast from my tiny high school to a huge college, but I realize now that the transition from one to the other might not be as easy as I’d thought. All in all though, I like the University and I feel confident by the time I’m a senior, I will look back on my college experience as an amazing one....
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