muett - iii roots in Maryland& traveling(they play most...

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Julie Gilbert MUET200, Section 0101 Dr. Boden Sandstrom Patricia Vergara April 7, 2008 Performance Paper Outline Band: Hotspur Performance Date: March 1, 2008 Venue: Club Sonar (Baltimore) I. Introduction A. Hotspur is a new band 1. First single released late in Spring 2006 2. First album released in August 2006 to rave reviews B. Extreme Popularity 1. Became famous very quickly 2. Work very hard to gain fans/notoriety 3. Youth appeal C. Thesis: Hotspur is a new band that has been trying to make it big on the music scene for over a year, and their eager enthusiasm about their music as well as their age and identity are raising them to new levels of popularity. II. Body A. Hotspur is a band that formed locally here in Maryland, and they are very much connected to their roots which influences their music and brings fame to the area.
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A. The Band i. Dave, Scott, Coop Joe ii. their start
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Unformatted text preview: iii. roots in Maryland & traveling (they play most shows in MD) iv. competed with other bands for a spot on Warped Tour & won (got voted on by fans) B. Music i. first album “Beta” ii. “rock music evolving” iii. pop rock & punk & dance C Concert i. “paint party” fun, upbeat party- like atmosphere ii. band was really enthusiastic, audience was really receptive iii. unification of audience and band- merging II. Conclusion A, Band’s identity rooted in their fans & Maryland B. Fun, youth oriented concert atmosphere Bibliography Hotspur . Official Website. Accessed 3/30/08. <> Brilling, Mackenzie. "Student groups help local music programs through band competition." The Daily Orange . 18 April 2005 . 3 March 2008. <>...
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muett - iii roots in Maryland& traveling(they play most...

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