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Julie Gilbert MUET200 , Section 0101 Dr . Boden Sandstrom Patricia Vergara April 28 , 2008 Performance Paper Hotspur: A Band on the Rise The name Hotspur may not immediately spark a sense of familiarity in most music fans . However , the crowd at Club Sonar in downtown Baltimore, Maryland not only knew Hotspur, they loved and identified with them . Hotspur may not be well known to a wide range of people because they are new onto the popular music scene . They released their first single in the spring of 2006 and their first album “Beta” in August of the same year . However , being around for only two years did not affect the band ’s fan base . The four young men from Rockville , Maryland have accumulated immense popularity amongst teenagers and young adults . The band says “the biggest asset [we] have is the connection with [our] fans” (Hotspurmusic .com). They work very hard to please and be in tune with their fans , and this is why they have such a youth appeal . Hotspur is a new band that has been trying to make it big on the music scene for over a year , and their eager enthusiasm about their music as well as their age and identity allow them to have a deep and rooted connection to their fans , which is steadfastly raising them to new levels of popularity .
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Hotspur is a band that formed locally here in Maryland , and they are very much connected to their roots , which influences their music and brings fame to the area . As previously mentioned , the band is very relatable to their fan base, which is mostly comprised of young adults and centralized in the suburbs of Washington , DC, where the band originated . The bands headquarters is located in a “modest , three-bedroom [house on a] an unassuming tree-lined street in Suburban Maryland ” (Hamada) . The place where the band operates from is ubiquitous as any suburb where a teenage fan could live . The band is comprised of four members: Joe Mach , the singer/guitarist; Dave Trichter, the keyboardist/pianist , Coop Cooper, the bassist; and Scott Robinson, the drummer . They were musician friends who assembled a band and participated in the Smartpunk competition , which was a determining entry contest to be invited to be on the Warped Tour bill . Warped Tour is a very famous concert featuring a variety of pop-punk and indie bands
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performance paper - Julie Gilbert MUET200, Section 0101 Dr....

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