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Julie Gilbert HIST250, Sec 0101 Reading Response # 2 Before the Aztec and Inca empires were conquered by the Spanish explorers, they were thriving civilizations that had social, political and economic structure. Although some European descriptions of these societies portrayed them as savage and primitive, they adhered to customs and traditions and lived in thriving metropolises. In the Aztec society, there was a very strong social hierarchy. Military performance and duty were regarded with utmost importance, and a way for a man to prove himself was through military success. Where titles of nobility defined people in European society, strength and valor in battle defined people in Aztec society. The Incan society was mostly based on the idea of reciprocity (“ayni”) in the communal structure. They valued kinship and lineage, groups of kinsmen called “allyu”, and these allyus made up Incan social and
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Unformatted text preview: political structure. The larger communal groups distributed money and property and that was how Inca society functioned. Religion also played a crucial role in the rule of both the Aztec and Inca society, “religion was a powerful and uniting force that penetrated every aspect of life and shaped their world in innumerable ways” (Schwartz, 8). Religion also shaped imperial domination. Religion was extremely important in Spain, the merging of Christian kingdoms Aragon and Castile provided the foundation for modern Spanish society. Spain centered around Christianity in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and much of their expansion into the new world revolved around converting the Amerindians to the Christian faith. However, religion was extremely important to the Aztec and Inca also, which contributed to the conflict between them and the Spanish....
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