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Julie Gilbert HIST250, Section 0101 October 6, 2008 Reading Response 5 The Spanish and indigenous relationships in Latin America were always subject to power struggles and difficulties. This holds true of the Spaniards who conquered the indigenous peoples of the Andes. While the Spanish were usually able to conquer and plunder, they had a difficult transition to governing the newly conquered peoples and asserting their imperial rule. The Europeans “captured the Inca Empire, [and] would have to learn how to govern it” (Stern, 27). This proved to be a challenge, because the Spanish were so preoccupied with riches, being able to govern was not their top priority. They began to “reduce the Indians to servitude” (Padden, 72) and use them in their quest for gold. Because they treated the Indians so poorly with no regard for them other than to seek riches, the Indians began to build up resistance. For example, a group of Indians
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Unformatted text preview: tricked and killed conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in an act of rebellion. The Spanish also had to face resistance and rebellion from indigenous peoples, for example, the neo-Incas, which were conquered Incas who rebelled from domination of Spanish rule. Some groups of indigenous peoples, such as the Humanga recognized the strength of the invading Spanish and aligned with them, calling themselves “friends of the Spanish” (Stern, 30). Another way the indigenous people adapted to the Spanish presence was by rebelling. The most successful rebellious force in the Andres was the Araucanians. “Araucanian opposition to Spanish intrusion was not confined to the field of battle. At all times they waged psychological warfare with consummate skill” (Padden, 84). In this way, the indigenous cultures adapted and survived Spanish conquest....
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