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1 PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOR (CHAPTER 10) LAITH ALATTAR NOV 16, 2010 Agenda I. HELP! Final Paper. . II. Test Your Knowledge III. Prosocial Behavior Activity IV. Theories of Altruism and Egoism V. 5 Steps to Helping and Bystander Effect VI. Kin Selection Theory VII. Recap RAI Paper Help! Demo on Psychinfo Help with Paper Prosocial Behavior Activity PART 1: Tell a story about a time when you 1) failed to intervene when someone needed help 2) helped someone at great cost to yourself. Prosocial Behavior Activity PART 2: Using one of the items you listed, think about the following questions: Why did you help? Why didn’t you help? What emotions were you experiencing when you helped/didn’t help? Describe the situation: Who was there? What was going on? How did it make you feel afterwards? Definining Altruism Altruism – So what is altruism? The text defines altruism as: “Helping that is motivated by the desire to increase another’s welfare and expects nothing in return” (p. 353) Alternative explanations? Egoism Concern about the costs to the self if one does not help (e.g., experiencing guilt if one does not help) Potential rewards for helping others (e.g., it makes us feel good to help)
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wk10_prosocial_ctools - Agenda PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOR (CHAPTER...

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