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Money and Banking Summer 2010 Economics 220:301 Section H6 July 12 th - August 18 th Monday & Wednesday 6pm - 9:40pm 202 Scott Hall, College Ave Instructor: Georgia Bush Assignment 1 1) Using either the resources cited in the textbook, or sources you have found on your own, please download the following data into an Excel workbook and graph the two time series appropriately in the same graph: -US interest rate 1980-2008 -US inflation rate 1980-2008 You may choose whether to use monthly, quarterly or annual data. Good practice in data work involves following four steps: Download the data in the appropriate format (column or row). Source : Cut and paste the source into a cell next to the data that you loaded. Anyone looking at your work must be able to retrieve this data on their own from that source so be as complete and specific as possible when sourcing and describing your data. Clean : Look at the loaded data and make sure the download worked, check whether there are empty cells or numbers that look completely wrong. For
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Unformatted text preview: example for the interest rate data 0.0003 is in one cell and 5,6789 is in the next cell, and make sure the year/quarter/month and the datapoint match up. Graph the data using the Excel graphing tool. Experiment with various formats but make sure that everything is labeled clearly. Make sure the graph is readable whether printed in B&W or Color. Turn in a printout of the graph in class Wednesday July 14th Email me your Excel file by midnight Wednesday July 14th 2) Write a brief case study of an interaction between a lender-saver and a borrower-spender. Use the chart on page 26 of the textbook as a guide, find a real world “Walter” and “Inez”. Reading through the financial newspapers, it may be easier to write about a company than individuals. No more than 500 words, sources need to be cited, I need to be able to check the facts directly. Email me your Word file by midnight Thursday July 15th...
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