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Money and Banking_Assignment 2 14_jul wed

Money and Banking_Assignment 2 14_jul wed - 2 Draw diagrams...

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Money and Banking Summer 2010 Economics 220:301 Section H6 July 12 th - August 18 th Monday & Wednesday 6pm - 9:40pm 202 Scott Hall, College Ave Instructor: Georgia Bush Assignment 2 1) Please find an article in the financial newspapers ( Financial Times , Wall Street Journal , finance and economics section of The Economist magazine or New York Times ) that relates to the topics in Chapter 4-6. Write a 2-3 page (double spaced) essay discussing how the article relates to the course material. Please include at least one mathematical calculation of the kind covered in class and the textbook.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Draw diagrams of the following dynamics using the supply and demand diagrams explained in Ch5. Label your diagrams carefully and completely: For the Bond Market: Diagram a) an increase in expected inflation- Bd: decrease (p. 99) Bs:increase (p.101) Diagram b) a business cycle expansion that results in no change in the bond price (assume the price is fixed, $10.00) Bs: For the Money Market: Diagram c) a business cycle expansion Diagram d) a decrease in the money supply Please turn in the diagrams and a printout of your essay in class Wednesday July 21 st ....
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