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February 16 Terms Enganche : tactic government used to get people to work on their land. Means “to hook.” Diaz used Enganche in Mexico when he came to power and started his dictatorship before the Mexican Revolution. One form of enganche are vagrancy laws which forced people who did not have jobs to work or be in the army. Another way—advance a loan of money or seeds he gave with such a high interest that they would have to work hard to pay off the debt. And the last form was to kidnap men. In Diaz’s regime people were taken at a certain amount of pesos/head. Enganche is an example of Diaz’s authoritarian rule which was characterized by a strengthened military, more stability, land and labor expropriation and bringing in foreign capital. Enclave: Enclaves are any type of business that is controlled by foreigners in a country. It works in isolation and usually exploits local lands and workers, but only benefits the foreigners. An example of an Enclave is the US’s United Fruit Company. The us monopolized transportation, the workable land. This happened in the book 100 years of solitude with Mr. Brown and the banana plantation and is based on real example in Colombia and throughout latin American during the late 1800s and early 1900s. IN 1928 the Banana Massacre occurred which is a good example of how Enclave’s could care less about the country they were in and solely took advantage of resources and people. REGENERATION: When Nunez came to presidency in Colombia from 1880-1894, his reign was characterized by a period of regeneration. The constitution he passed centralized the nation, curtailed certain freedoms (like free press) made catholocism important part of life. He angered many liberals and led to the war of 1000 days from 1899-1902 where the liberals fought the conservatives. Conservatives win but have many losses. One of which was the panama canal which the US strategically jumped in and aided panama’s independence moveemtn so that afterward they could sign a treaty to build the Panama Canal. DANCE OF MILLIONS: in Colombia, try to reemphasize law over civil war. Stability, conservatism, huge exporter of coffee-very profitable. 90% went o US funded loans to Colombia known as Dance of Millions. Economic coffee, profitability, excess, abundance (animals multiply in bulk—example in 100 years of solitude) FIRST PART OF 20 th CENTURY 1900-1930. ECONOMIC BOOM—EXPORTING LOTS OF BANANAS AND COFFEE. THE OLIGARCHIES ARE DOING VERY WELL. UNTIL 1930 BECAUSE OF THE 1929 GLOBAL ECONOMIC DOWNTURN…however the wealth was absorbed by some and not others, and this period was marked not just by economic boom but also by the infiltration of the US to Latin America’s economy, a theme that continues throughout LA’s history. Feb. 18 Terms- US imperialism
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UNIT 2 TERMS (1) - February 16 Terms Enganche tactic...

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