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Anthrbio 161 Review Sheet for Midterm Exam 2 Be able to list and discuss the primate unique traits: hand structure, types of locomotion, vision, dental patterns, diet, reproduction and care of offspring o What are the characteristics of each trait Forward facing eyes helps with depth perception stereoscopic vision and judging distances between trees. Grasping hands/opposable thumbs help with grasping Nails not claws (prosimians have both) Color vision to judge ripeness of fruits Dental patterns: 2123 Omnivorous Reproduction: k-selection increase parental investement but fewer offspring. o What is the functional significance of heterodontism Varied teeth help with a non-specialized diet o What cranial and/or morphological traits can be used to distinguished primates from other mammals? Large brain size, brain organization has emphasis on visual center (occipital region) reduced reliance on smell. (except prosimians) o What are the hypotheses which account for the development of primate unique traits Arboreal vs. Visual Predation Arboreal: As primates moved to the trees they needed to develop 3-D vision in order to judge distances, color vision for ripe fruit Visual Predation: hadalready, and then moved to the trees enhanced those traits. orbital convergence, grasping hands and feet, and reduced claws were an adaptation for the nocturnal foraging for fruit and insects on terminal branches in the shrub layer of the fores. Orbital convergence would assist in gauging the prey's distance without having to move the head much like seen in modern day owls (Cartmill, 1974; cited in Conroy, 1990). Also olfactory regression is explained by orbital convergence mediated by the coming together of the medial walls of the orbits Be able to list the major taxonomic groups within the primate suborder o What are the two major subdivisions of the Primate Order? Which major
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reviewsheet2 - Anthrbio 161 Review Sheet for Midterm Exam 2...

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