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Ve winChristina’s Review V.2 Herodotus The Histories Happiness  vs. luck Luck-fleeting Happiness- determined upon death Boundaries Overstepping- geographical and moral Wars/battles Crossing rivers- revolt against nature Self-sufficiency Olbios Tolerance (for foreigners) customs Underdog Liberty vs. Slavery Freedom Greek freedom (leads to victory) vs. Persian Slavery Causation- how did this person come to the top Moral universe Judgment Supernatural Superstition Oracles dreams Retribution Wealth Insatiability Excessive wealth Greed Corruption of Persian kings Travels Nomos vs. physis Herodotus Subjective Unbiased Sophocles Antigone Individual vs. State
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Public vs. private interest Contrast Obedience to the govt. Public opinion necessary  Creon-integrity of state vs. moral ties,  Inflexibility Antigone Creon Tragic world- What makes tragedy or comedy Reason and Prudence cannot control everything Honor for the dead Public opinion is necessary for the welfare of the state Nature of women Obedience to the strong and powerful Thucydides The History of the Peloponnesian War Money trade routes (Exchange of goods)
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Final_Study_Guide-Kristina (1) - .2 Herodotus TheHistories...

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