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Pg. 1 of 15 Accounting 200 Survey of Accounting Spring 2011 – MWF Sections “It is in the atmosphere of friendly and serious scholarship that the cause of learning can be most appropriately advanced.” Hilltopics p42 “Learning is an exciting adventure!” Author unknown Instructor: Karyn Valades Office Location and Hours: Stokely Management Center (SMC) 640 M,W Office Phone: (865) 974-1755 E-mail: kvalades@utk.edu Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA): ___________________________________ Office Location and Hours ___________________________________________ Office Phone: ________________________ E-mail: ________________________ Course Philosophy: Accounting 200 is a demanding course, probably more so than most courses you have taken at the University. You learn best when you come to class prepared, so we expect you to read and prepare assigned material before the class date listed in the course syllabus. In your preparation, check Blackboard every day for assignments and other communications from your instructor or GTA. If you have difficulty mastering the material, seek help immediately by contacting your instructor or GTA. Very few students are successful in A200 using a “cram for the exam” approach. A200 material builds on itself each week. Do not fall behind in this course. Contacting your Instructor or GTA: A200 instructors generally teach more than one section, which means they teach hundreds of students each semester. Instructors and GTAs are happy and willing to help students, but they should not have to figure out who you are or which section you are in when you contact them. So, when you email your instructor or GTA, do the following: 1. Write your course and section numbers on the Subject line 2. Sign your name to the email. If you voicemail your instructor or GTA, say your name, course number, and section number, and say your callback number clearly. Learning Objectives: The primary learning objectives of A200 are for students: 1. To learn about business types, forms, and functions. 2. To learn the roles of both financial accounting and managerial accounting in business. 3. To learn fundamental financial accounting principles. 4. To learn the effects of business transactions on accounts. 5. To learn how businesses communicate the results of operations to external business stakeholders via financial statements. 6. To learn how business managers use accounting data to make decisions. As you learn these subjects, the course will give you practice that will enhance your overall analytical skills, critical thinking skills, communication abilities, global awareness and ethical awareness. Course Coordinator
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This note was uploaded on 02/09/2011 for the course ACCT 200 taught by Professor Valades during the Spring '11 term at University of Tennessee.

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Spring 2011-2 - A200 MWF Syllabus SP 11 Pg. 1 of 15...

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