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Cell Bio Syllabus - CELL BIOLOGY BIOL3030 Spring 2011...

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1 CELL BIOLOGY BIOL3030 Spring 2011 Tuesday/Thursday 8:00 am-9:15 am Memorial Field House 2100 INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Deborah Vestal BO 2009C 383-4134 530-1581 [email protected] OFFICE HOURS Tues. 9:20-10:30 and Thurs. 9:20-10:15, by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION The focus of Cell Biology is the study of the structure and function of the cell. In this course we will focus on Eukaryotic cell biology and will cover topics such as membrane structure and composition, transport, and trafficking; the cytoskeleton and cell movement; the breakdown of macromolecules and generation of energy; and the integration of cells into tissues. We will also cover important cellular processes such as cell cycle regulation, signal transduction, apoptosis (programmed cell death), and cancer cell biology. Throughout the semester we will attempt to relate defects in these various cellular processes to human diseases to help gain a better understanding for what happens when cells don’t work as they should. REQUIRED TEXT Lodish et. al. Molecular Cell Biology . Sixth Edition. Freeman Press. A free Companion Website accompanies the book at http://bcs.whfreeman.com/lodish6e . There you will find activities, animations, podcasts, classic experiments, as well as self- quizzes and additional resources that you might find useful when preparing for exams. There is also a study companion and solutions manual available ( Working with Molecular Cell Biology , Storrie et al. Freeman Press) that some students may find helpful.
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2 IMPORTANT DATES Jan. 14-Add via web ends Jan. 24- Last day to add/drop Feb. 1-EXAM I Mar. 1-EXAM II Mar. 25-Last Day to Withdraw Mar. 29-EXAM III May 3-FINAL EXAM (8:00 am-10:00 am) STUDENT EVALUATION There will be three in-class exams during the semester. The first will count for 15% of your final grade and the second and third will each count for 25% of your final grade. The final exam will count for 35% of your final grade. The in-class exams will consist of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. These exams will only cover new material (i.e.-material covered since the previous exam) The final exam will be comprehensive and will likely consist of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions. About 70% of the final exam will cover topics discussed since the third exam. The remaining 30% will cover topics discussed from the start of the semester. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late for an exam will not be allowed to take the
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Cell Bio Syllabus - CELL BIOLOGY BIOL3030 Spring 2011...

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