Syllabus - CHEM 2410 Organic Chemistry I Syllabus Spring...

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1 CHEM 2410 : Organic Chemistry I – Syllabus Spring 2011 Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri 3:00–3:50 pm FH 2100 (Hon: FH1700) Instructor : Prof. Kana Yamamoto Wolfe Hall 3269 (Office and Lab) [email protected] 419-530-1507 Office Hours: M/W 11:00 am –12:00 pm and by appointment COURSE OVERVIEW Required Materials: Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition, Brown, Foote, Iverson, Anslyn (Chrs 1-11 will be covered in this course, Organic Chemistry II will pick up from Chr 12) Access Code for O n Line W eb-based L earning – OWL TurningPoint Response Card (clicker) – can use the same one used in General Chemistry Supplements: Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition Molecular Visions Molecular Models Kit Preparing for Your ACS Examination in Organic Chemistry, the official guide (ACS Study Guide) COURSE STRUCTURE Lecture: Lecture sessions are designed to clarify the concepts covered in this course and provide examples of what is expected of you. Attendance is expected and you are responsible for all material, and problems covered in class. It is recommended that you read the text before the lecture. Lecture outlines will be available on WebCT for each chapter. The attached schedule will inform you regarding which chapters of the text you should read. In consideration for your fellow students, please arrive on time and turn off your cell phone . Homework: A list of non-graded homework assignments from the lecture text is assigned for each chapter. These will not count toward the final grade, however are to your benefit to work on them. The Solutions Manual is a guide to the solution of most problems in the text. This may be purchased in the bookstore. You should try to solve homework problems yourself before looking at the solution. There is also a graded homework system called OWL . (See below) Class Polling: In class you will use wireless remotes (clicker) to reply to questions posed by the instructor. This practice is done to help engage you in learning the material by encouraging your active participation. It also has the effect of informing the instructor about which topics students are having difficulty mastering. Each week between 5-10 Participation Points will be assigned based on your responses. Extra opportunities will be given so you will be able to make-up a few lost points. You will need to register your clicker at the department of Chemistry website: . WebCT is a course management system provided by the University of Toledo. Lecture outlines and practice exam information will be available on this site. The system also permits you to check your grades at any time and to email your instructor or other students in the class. The WebCT site can be accessed at
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Syllabus - CHEM 2410 Organic Chemistry I Syllabus Spring...

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