3830LessonPlan - Amanda Mitchell 11/16/10 Lesson Plan Date:...

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Amanda Mitchell 11/16/10 Lesson Plan Date: 11/16/10 Grade: 12 th grade Length: 50 Minutes Theory(s): Social Constructivism and Social Cognitive Theory Rationale: I chose Social Constructivism because it emphasizes the learner building an understanding of the information. Putting the students into groups will help other students get different view points and thoughts from others, which is vital to their complete understanding of the material. Working in groups also allows students to learn in different ways and gives other students an opportunity to explain the material in a way that may be easier to understand. I also chose Social Cognitive Theory because it emphasizes learning from observing others, which works with the type of group activity that is incorporated into this lesson. This theory also focuses on the beliefs, self-perceptions, and expectations to social learning, which is important for students to understand and incorporate into their writing through group work. I chose this lesson because it is following a lesson that we have just finished over the novel The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Students have read the entire novel by chapter, either in class or at home. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the student should be able to: Monitor word choice, sentence structure, and tone to formulate grammatically correct sentences. Differentiate between essays, short stories, poetry, and drama. Write expressively, informatively, and persuasively. Prerequisite skills/knowledge:
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3830LessonPlan - Amanda Mitchell 11/16/10 Lesson Plan Date:...

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