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EDSE 4070 Diversity and Professional Organizations and Journals. 1. Read the first chapter from the required course text related to the foundations of multicultural education to understand and explain how professional organizations and journals reflect key themes of American society. 2. Become familiar with at least one professional organization from your content area (math, physical education, English, etc.). 3. Read three articles from professional journals in your teaching field that focus on teaching your subject matter. The articles you select must relate to the following topics: gender, exceptionality, race or ethnicity, socio-economic class, linguistic diversity, or some other theme related to diversity in American society and schools. 4. Write an analysis of each article in terms of usefulness, newness of information, adaptation based on your student teaching needs, and other pedagogical aspects.
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Unformatted text preview: This means you need to provide thoughtful, highly detailed analysis of usefulness of the articles’ approaches to diversity in planning future practice and present clear, well-developed plans for ways to address diversity in future practice based on the information in the articles. 5. The length is 2 ½ - 3 pages of full text for each article analysis - excluding the Reference Page 6. Will have parenthetical/in-text references 7. Include Reference Page and cover sheet (review APA) 8. You will turn in copies of the sources that you used in the paper with the parts that you used highlighted, underlined, or marked in some way. 9. APA formatting style 10. 1 inch margins, double-spaced, New Times Roman 12 11. Review the rubric for this assignment...
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