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EDSE 4070 TEACHING DIVERSE POPULATIONS Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Chelleye L. Crow Phone: 940-565-4897 E-Mail: [email protected] Office: 206 I Matthews Hall Office Hours: 9:30-11:30 MW 9:30-10:30 TTH or by appointment Location of Class: MH 318 Time of Class: W 1:00-3:50 ***DURING CLASS, PLEASE TURN ALL CELL PHONES ON SILENT and NO TEXTING or CHECKING E-MAILS*** Catalog Description: Teaching Diverse Populations. 3 hours. “Provides knowledge and skills required for developing and implementing challenging instruction for students who are culturally different, students who receive special education services and students who are identified as gifted and talented. Instruction, assignments, directed field experience and other class activities may take place on site in a school setting. Prerequisite(s): junior standing and admission to teacher education.” Learning Objectives: Students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of: 1. The broad issues of racism, sexism, assimilation and pluralism in American society. 2. The effects of poverty and discrimination on children and youth. 3. The manner by which institutions perpetuate discrimination and prejudice. 4. The process for evaluating educational programs and curricula according to multicultural education and effective schools criteria. 5. The learning styles and other key individual differences that affect teaching and learning. 6. The process for revising traditional curricula to include multicultural dimensions. 7. The construct of self-esteem and ways of integrating esteem building activities into the curricula. 8. The processes and issues related to the assessment of students in the culturally diverse settings.
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9. The primary characteristics needed by teachers of multicultural groups. A major outcome of this course is for the student to demonstrate competency in developing a reflective model to effectively teach diverse populations in today’s schools. Required Text: An Introduction to Multicultural Education, 4 th  Edition . James A. Bank Course Requirements: General Policies (1) No major assignment will be accepted late without a documented excused absence. (2) Major assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. Save work more than once, print early, and come to class on time (4) Do the reading assignments and be prepared to discuss them in class. (5) Do the homework assignments. You are responsible for all assignments as noted on the syllabus and assignment sheets, including any additions or deletions I may make. The final grade for this class will be determined on the following basis. Daily Grade (homework, current issues, attendance, preparation, 20% and participation) Diversity and Professional Organizations and Journals (TK20—read three articles 10% from professional journals in your teaching field, write-up analysis of usefulness) write-up analysis, and implications for teaching) Reflections (2 personal reflections) 10% Teaching Presentation (reflections, lesson plan, presentation, video, and 60% observations)
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