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Shquaydra Mouton- March 8 2010 - Shquaydra Mouton Black...

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Shquaydra Mouton Black Politics/White Power By Yohuru Williams Black Politics/White Power is set in New Haven, Connecticut. Yohuru Williams writes about a racist North with corrupt politicians and police officers. In history, the North is made to look like Heaven, while the South is associated with eternal fire and brimstone. From the migration of African Americans to New Haven, CT to the establishment of the Black Panthers in the city, Williams writes about the radical shift that occurred. The development and personality of several national civil rights organizations are compared to local groups. Williams focuses on the mayor of New Haven. In 1953, Richard C. Lee won the mayoral election because he was completely backed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). During his campaign, Lee made certain promises to the black community in New Haven. “Lee remained relatively aggressive in his dealings with the organization (NAACP), reacting swiftly when it brought problems to his attention.” (pg 24) Mayor Lee was known as the “Civil Rights Leader in New Haven”. The mayor wanted to retain an image of complete control and he had a few informants and supporters in the NAACP. Mayor Lee also created a group in 1962, Community Progress, Incorporated (CPI), with the goal of ending poverty in New Haven. The CPI, in the end, had virtually replaced the NAACP and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). Because of problems facing the NAACP and CORE resulting from a protest, their position in the community was lowered. These two organizations became virtually inactive.
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Because black leadership was no longer represented actively by other civil rights group, a group of parents organized into the Hill Parents Association (HPA). They were militant than NAACP. The black community responded well to the HPA. This
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Shquaydra Mouton- March 8 2010 - Shquaydra Mouton Black...

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