Three Ethical Arguments Against Affirmative Action

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Unformatted text preview: Close Window Click here to print or select File then Print from your browser. Three Ethical Arguments Against Affirmative Action A Call to Abolish an Unjust and Racist Practice By G. Stolyarov II It is time we cease judging people based on the color of their skin and focus on their true character. For three pivotal considerations -- that affirmative action harms its intended beneficiaries, that it punishes the most innocent and industrious of persons, and that it defies an essentially individualistic American work ethic -- it is imperative to abolish this truly racist practice. Affirmative action policy advocates claim that their target is to aid previously persecuted minorities, yet, in reality, such initiatives harm their intended beneficiaries. Thomas Sowell, an African-American researcher at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, reveals that "today many Americans will refuse to visit a black physician or dentist because of their assumption that he or she was admitted both to medical school and to the position held through 'special preferences', set-aside quotas, and relaxed standards. The same is true for many other professionals and for other beneficiaries of 'affirmative action.'" Even if arelaxed standards....
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