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quiz 3 review - Subjects on quiz PR practice o talk about...

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Subjects on quiz PR practice o talk about corporate, agency, freelance AGENCY DEPARTMENT FREELANCE What is it: Independent companies Part of a larger organization Individuals Size: Variable sizes Sized to organization Variable sizes Location: Multiple locations Few locations Single location Clientele: Corporate and individual clients Organization is client (internal) Corporate and individual clients Number of clients: Multiple Single Multiple Focus: Multiple Single Special Service: Full service Core services Special services Salary: Fee compensated Salary Fee compensated Client power: Clients rule Organization rules Creditors rule Type of work amongst clients: Parallel work Sequential work Parallel work Demand: Minimal demand control Some demand control High demand control Reactive: Highly re-active Proactive – reactive balance Highly proactive Job security Low job security High job security No job security Earnings potential: High earnings potential Good earnings potential Entrepreneurial Type of life style: Exciting life style Normal life style Special life style Entry opportunity: Good entry opportunity Demanding entry opportunity Easy entry opportunity o Agency A group of PR professionals who serve clients with public relations counsel and services for monetary compensation PR firms can be local, regional, national or global in scope A PR firm can consist of a few or several thousand people PR firms may be affiliated with another type of professional services firm e.g. advertising or marketing A PR firm may specialize in an industry e.g. healthcare, IT, telecomm, retail, sports, etc A PR firm may specialize in specific publics e.g. consumers, business to business, government, ethnic groups o Advantages of PR firms over corporate PR Objective view Credibility with management Easier to cut back if necessary Successful client relationships depend on free flow of information
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“outside point of view” is a challenge though o compensation hourly rates monthly retainers reimbursed for expenses may have an actual contract with their clients o Calculate expenses (monthly retainer) Salary Benefits Profit Unbillable marketing expense Overhead – costs agency incurs just to have you there Example like the billable hourly rate Senior Account Executive Annual salary: $80,000 Per hour: $40.00 (Annual/2000hrs) Benefits: $14.00 (per hour x 35%) Overhead: $6.00 (per hour x 15%) Profit: $10.00 (per hour x 25%) Marketing expenses: $4.00 (per hour x 10%) Total: $74.00 Actual billable range: $75 - $100 Top paying city in pr professional o Boston o New York o San Fransisco Career path in pr firm (slides 11 and 12) o Entry level: writer, specialist (media, research, projects) o First level: account executive o Next level: sr account executive o Next level: account supervisor o Management: Senior vp account supervisor – title of entry level in executive
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quiz 3 review - Subjects on quiz PR practice o talk about...

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