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SUMMER A 2008 Final Exam - Professor M Rush ECO 2023 SUMMER...

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Professor: M. Rush ECO 2023 SUMMER 2008 FINAL EXAM Read all instructions on this page and the next page Please enter on the answer sheet: 1. Your name and initials 2. Your UF ID number 3. Special Code: 31 4. Test code: A 5. Sign your name on the back of the bubble sheet. 6. Read all instructions on this page!!!!!! DO IT NOW, NOT LATER!!!!! This test is governed by UF’s academic honesty code. It is intended to have 35 multiple choice questions. Please check to be sure your copy has all 35. For each question, choose the best answer. The next is important: Unless you are specifically told otherwise, on this test do not assume that demand or supply is either perfectly elastic or perfectly inelastic. Do not ask questions of me or the TA’s; in the interest of fairness I have instructed them not to answer any questions during the exam. I have become increasingly concerned that some students are at a real disadvantage because they are unwilling to ask questions during the exam while others ask a lot of questions. Hence, to level the playing field, I have decided to eliminate all questions during the test. I don’t like this policy, but it seems the fairest policy. TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES AND OTHER COMMUNICATION DEVICES You will have one hour (60 minutes) to complete the exam and bubble in all your answers. When the TAs say that time is up, you must hand in your exam. We will not give extra time to finish bubbling in the answers, so be sure you are done when the 60 minutes are up. Of course, you may hand in your test at any time before the 60 minutes are up. An answer key will be posted on the Web at about noon. The test scores will be on the Web within a few days. Check if the test code and UF ID number you bubbled in are correct now. Also check to be sure your name is correct—do it now. I investigated the rumor that the ability to correctly record these had been mastered by a few students at FSU. This rumor turned out to be false. But, the rumor that an accounting major and a journalism major did successfully record these on a test is true. These students
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ECO 2023 F I NAL EXA M S U M M E R 2 0 0 8 have since been bronzed and are on display outside their respective colleges to serve as an inspiration for all other accounting and journalism students. CHECK YOUR TEST CODE AND UF ID NUMBER. IF YOU GET EITHER OF THESE WRONG, YOU WILL LOSE 5 POINTS!!!! After the scores are posted, if you think your posted score is incorrect, email the grader at [email protected] . You have one week after the curved score is posted to request a grade check. After a week, the score will not be changed; it is what it is. If the web reports what you bubbled in for each question and you ask the grader to check an answer because you believe you bubbled in something other than what is reported and the reported answer on the web is correct, you will lose 1 additional question.
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