Chem final - mm. It“. ‘ manna, nu (ma linutc tin Lint)...

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Unformatted text preview: mm. It“. ‘ manna, nu (ma linutc tin Lint) lcctu Instructor: 2W u———n -I--|--—---—---n-.-£--u——-_—-u_n—--_—-- I—q- -u_-.--—--¢.—-I ---------------- -I—n-n-u- not“ m: In”: In- : Ila-point. bun but 1: actually ucrth 1!: points. thus 6 tr.» :2 urn-cu cur-flit pointi. Inn-n two can by writing th- —-h-‘-----—'-H-— 1cm can can: up hrdxcglmulfidc “span:- which 16ml: for flu ion in than lift margin. In acct hpcrtcnt put at a cf thl crplmticn 1th”! —-u——p-—-.-u—--i—--l-q---I---—--u—---—---I-—|---. --_-- 1 (ll Mun-l huh). Writc flu clan-cc: math: for thc principal mcticn Which occur: in Icch cf th- tollcuin : I (I) A littlc "but 1- Ile-urltid 1'th 0.1 I 1:50.. (rh- answer is 1111; “no ruc- tion‘!) 4/304 4- SEW-c- lJmf+ Arm (1:) lxccn 6 H mm is nix-d with I strongly basic mluticn of cupratc icn. (No ppt for-l.) 1_ + H daflhflflwly + 4W»; A? 3.0%). chum Hdrtld 1.: 1c 1. 1: he! ith‘ Ilutiu 1: Kafka. a: ' (c) [I :clfilrccqu mu In.le Ex 21(#20)5 “'5' 2M" + $3 7+ (14.0 a (d) 39;! ll axidilod. .41. _ rcde product. . 3 197.3 + s» 71.0% 2N9I+éfiafwf+ BS'HN‘D - ' ' -— ' claw :‘hc ccnjugat- acid of Hg(m).(on)* 1| tract-mgsz m: n 1 It 111,. M; (m )6 We .2 mg .9. mg, (1,14, am, .+ -.2 Mr autumn) 1! tnltcd with “can 1 It 3:30.. ' ,_ can In AW. mm). + yjov‘v Mm —v afiawzfigm- "‘ m 2. (1.1 Pcifitl-G Inch). Indiclltcr an 1: gallant!) nuns) at pl 4.0. ‘- (II) (I) _(f) It pl! 2.0,. arr-chm) at p! 3.0, and II. Mifltill c! m Ind an: colplfl if m J.- I MIN L2: qfflfz 3.0 e t ./ W3+yllM/I2NfQ-9_éhe gy'm 3mm. $6211.5- IMIMJD amfi M M. (.5299: w. 519034144; 379;. 3‘ icniufl at p! 3.0? (24 mints-6 man). fallcmiug pair- of 1.1.1 utcrlcll (I) Outlin- thc chplclt, my to distinguish bctuccn whit-ac“. 1 ml and Insult: u cecal-“:7. can-lac:- to In It 35"c, 1 cu. Harman). (mar)a n. aucazcj‘mwa. 4%}.wflH‘e 2|— f4, 37% #2 d (c) .1920 VI. 3525' fWMdJfiE (hawtmmaé 07.4) Aim/w. MI .. £51.? 4... mar Why. (1%? Wm, --— m4”. -Wm [fifflfimfl "W I . I a- at 4M, fiefiéhgfiéa. w,.'THgNW-c§_z:W'l—=3 fi Fm H3 WWW”? '-' u M: w in 3:1? E 9”}:le @ M “w M NM} =3 Wfl'mgmw :52 m” f l l. (32 PcintI-l lIch). DiIcuII/ox'pllin tho following. (I) Ell-11 hour you moo, iI to ho oonnrtId into purl (Hula. 752M £54293 :4. (441m M '- dz.» "WM.M. mam; in ww-FW. ch 0534722;ng - .. . (13) 1'01]. hon pun mam-mo u to h. mum; into purl moo“ ‘ WK (Wag-2M w.‘ W afflfltfiag d MW} MM 'FM 50‘} F "‘ MW ’fMM M 0-5/4 Nimwa W7 fizz/id 71-9159”,- ijwae 50¢” ... «AW zwmmw => rpm cw; (c) mu iomticn of I proc'ipitnto iI gaunt-Id HhIn 1 I non, iI trIItId with 0.5 u um. Rh: 1: this 1mm ma what might tn- ptlcipltltl bu (lint: our," iI I Itrongor :11. Jun thI’n Ill...) 5‘44Am 15);": 1):. gm Bil 27m Mam All; and? W; W m. gummy—=5. Mm); m3 , m; “M w my. fixtwwm Wcr Ln (2 WW Mflffiwflalmb (MM: Hie) (d) 12.11 how and why 1m.“ cIn bI tIItId for IuooIIIfully in I Iolution which II! contIin I11. ctr-Ir cation: Itudind in out 20461....WW why [5-H My Wm mam w. a. a); w (24m: and“) ,5 Mud; 9544-: gm (William) W'v¢~ 41’wa Iahw 7H: Hue 5. (43 Points) . W: Iuginc thIt I 20461. unknown Innpic I'll pflplrnd by rising rIlItivcly can]. qulntitiu of «thin or tho IuhItInch from this iiItI N3, can on: clean, nun. no]. 35,: n(n,o),(oni,: slim: no Iupll iI I cryntnninl Iclid contIining biIch In‘d whitI ingrodiontl. mI Iflpli damn I diItinct 1-1.1“ flIII tut. linking I four 91'“- of tho Iflpio with 5 IL dIionined Intu- lonvu I hlIok Iolid. ruiduc Ind I solution portion which IhouI I pl! of Ihout 10. nut-Int of tin roIiduI with no." 2 I” Eel Pram-IE" flu it‘ll“ dissolving mad. I bluI-grocn Icintion, but no]: ruiduc Itilll. ‘rllliBI. nu in}.an iI trIItId with hot Iqun I-IgiI (3 partl 12 II EC}. to 1 put 16 ll 31:0,) producing gII, I collation liquid portion, and I whitI solid. How Iupplj th- rIIIons which undorlio tho dooiIionI indicItId roan-ding prIIInt (P), IbIInt (A), or undItIr-incd' (U), for Inch IuhItInoII sub-unoo gluon g6 IICh! ' ~33 a MMMJMWJ w- , “04” 054“"“ may.“ _ MIA? 54"" NLC ~ khan“; 4% W. ' ,, a)" I Cuo’f' [H M4! J1 {in 1125-sz HM (MI-wk") - Tmfifidw J:— md‘ panama mm mm: wt; ._ mm fffiholmle. w. Mfi; my}. mm- M ‘4'“; ‘5)“-MB I £4 :1 Wk min-Wt: MW whamw w . (M HM, urn—M mm Mgr-13mm add-fivflhfimuimf __ aims”) #444} ‘d we?" awrd'flrk w. fu )0 an“ M“ 94%“ "3 WW: mafia—“91-1) Wflfl} CH“; W*u, 19 Wm thM“ noun fit wmy M 1%- ":'.+ m w (Manama: an!!! M Mfrfl#fl 7"“ A Wk“ 94““ M A Mi! AM (Ale!) Mud yin/1W,WPW}OD,MJ 03% MM!- ...
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Chem final - mm. It“. ‘ manna, nu (ma linutc tin Lint)...

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