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PSYCHOLOGY DEPARMENT REQUIREMENT TO ALL GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS THE PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT REQUIRES ALL STUDENTS IN GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:101 TO PARTICIPATE EITHER DIRECTLY AS SUBJECTS IN EXPERIMENTS OR, INDIRECTLY, BY STUDYING AND DESCRIBING A PUBLISHED REPORT OF EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS. (DIRECT PARTICIPATION IS MORE FUN AND MORE INSTRUCTIVE.) YOU CAN FULFILL THIS COURSE REQUIREMENT AS FOLLOWS: OPTION 1: EXPERIMENTAL PARTICIPATION ON-LINE REGISTRATION AT: This method requires you to participate in several experiments for a total of 2-1/2 hours, equaling five credits (called RPUs). 1 RPU will be given in exchange for each ½ hour of participation, except in the case of on-line studies that do not require students to come to a lab. On-line studies will award ½ RPU per ½ hour of on-line study participation. Moreover, students are not allowed to receive more than
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Unformatted text preview: 1 RPU by engaging in on-line studies (i.e., one hour maximum). Note: You should have received a message from Sona Systems giving you a username and password (which you cant change, but you can click on Lost Password? to have it e-mailed to you) to use when you log in. If you did not, its because you did not provide an e-mail address when you registered. In that event, register yourself by going to the site (click on Create an Account), but you must carefully select the correct course, instructor, days/period that you are registered for. OPTION 2: TWO PAPERS SUMMARIZING A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY FOR INSTRUCTIONS SEE LINK AT ABOVE SITE before you log in, you can click on the announcement about reading the rules, and you will see what they are. In other words, you wont need to log in to find out what the rules are for either option....
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