Gen Psych Lect 3 - Lecture 3 5....

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Lecture 3 5. *** learn by heart! Freud's 7 Basic Ideas [cont'd]: iv. Splitting a. Behind all defenses is really a splitting of the mind. A defense is a barrier, and a barrier creates splitting. 1. e.g., Repression creates a barrier between memory and consciousness [split between conscious and unconscious] 2. e.g., Multiple Personality Disorder is another form of splitting. They split themselves up into different personalities to deal with reality. Each time the person switches personalities it is because a memory from their past has been triggered in that personality that is being switched. v. Illness is Splitting a. Psychological illness is therefore splitting or fragmentation of mind. b. It is the splitting that makes the person unable to function properly in his/her life. vi. [***very important point***]Health is Absent of Splitting a. A psychologically healthy person is a person whose mind is unified, whole (not split) 1. Psychologically Healthy Person: a person who is able
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Gen Psych Lect 3 - Lecture 3 5....

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