CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 4? Primordial Soup (Heterotroph...

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CHAPTER 4?? Primordial Soup (Heterotroph Hypothesis) o Life started from “primordial soup” of simple inorganic chemicals in the oceans o First life forms used organic compounds for energy o Oparin & Haldane (1920s) o o Evidence: reduced atmosphere + electrical energy = organic compounds “seeds” from space (Panspermia Hypothesis) o Microbes from space traveled on meteorites to earth o Evidence: organic compounds thru meteorites/comets (appolo 12, streptococcus mitis) Life from the depths (Chemoautotrophic Hypothesis) o Life started in ocean – made their own food from chemicals o Evidence: hyperthermophiles = oldest organisms + no radiation EVOLUTION!! RAWRAWR OLALALA o Compounds common to all organisms would have been present in a universal ancestor Species divergence: after critical systems were in place (DNA, RNA, proteins, ATP) o Metabolism is the same for all life o Genetic code is universal o Fossil evidence: stromatolite (layers of bacteria/minerals)
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CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 4? Primordial Soup (Heterotroph...

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