CHAPTER 8 - • Policymakers think that pop growth...

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CHAPTER 8: HUMAN POPULATION Carrying capacity influenced by limiting factors (amount of water, food, space…) Technology increased carrying capacity for human species o Tools, agriculture, industrial Most people being born in developing countries Human population clock Population growth rate = (birth rate + immigration rate) – (death rate + emigration rate) o Global population growth rate declining but number born still rising Exponential growth: stable rate of growth Low growth rate can still equal pop increase …population determined by: o Life expectancy o Total fertility rate (TFR): average # of children born per female in her lifetime Population growth correlated with POVERTY not wealth
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Unformatted text preview: • Policymakers think that pop growth economic, political, military needs GROWTH LINE THINGS • Constant growth – 45 degrees • ..blah • Model of economic and cultural change: industrialization o Declining death rate o Declining birth rate o Rising life expectancies in western nations • During transition o Growth rates HIGH because death rates declines before birth rates o Demographic transition model • Population issues exist in wealthier countries o Resource consumption/waste production • IPAT MODEL: impact = population x affluence x technology o Technology can either cause more consumption or exploit other resources Japan: growing, stable, declining...
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CHAPTER 8 - • Policymakers think that pop growth...

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