CHAPTER 13 - Developing countries fast urbanization; most...

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CHAPTER 13: URBANIZATION AND CREATING LIVABLE CITIES Urban growth boundary: separate urban and rural areas o To revitalize city centers o Prevent urban sprawl o Protect farmland, forest, open landscape o Save on cost of infrastructure o Lower price of land outside UGB o But…rapid development/ rising housing prices Smart growth: o Mix land uses o Compact building design o Housing opportunities o Walkable neighborhoods o Pretty o Preserve openspace, farmland, o Direct development towards existing communities o Variety of transportation o Fair and cost-effective decisions o Community help decide new urbanism: walkable neighborhoods Urban population growth: o Human pop is growing o People moving from farm to city
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Unformatted text preview: Developing countries fast urbanization; most of pop in rural Successful cities near river, seacoast, railroad, highway trade People move to suburbs (fossil fuels) Sprawl: spread of low-density urban/suburban development outward from urban center o Human pop growth o Per capita land consumption growth each person take up more land city planning: pro. Design cities to max efficiency, functionality, and beauty zoning: classifying areas for diff types of development and land use o gov restriction on use of private land (prop. Rights) urbanization = resource sinks, efficiency, more consumption...
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