MGMT HR ch14 - Chapter 14 8 questions Union structure,...

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Chapter 14 – 8 questions Union structure, administration, and membership The process and legal framework of organizing Negotiation stages and tactics Management’s willingness to take a strike Impasse resolution procedures Labor relations outcomes Chapter 14 Union Structure, Administration, and Membership National and International Unions: Most union members belong to a national or international union. In turn, most national unions are composed of multiple local units. o Craft unions- the members all have a particular skill or occupation. Craft unions are often responsible for training their members and for supplying craft workers to employers. o Industrial unions- made up of members who are linked by their work in a particular industry. Membership in the union is a result of working for a particular employer in the industry. Local Unions: Responsible for the negotiations of a contract as well as the day-to-day administration of the contract, including the grievance procedure. o The local union typically elects officers. Individual members’ participation in local union meetings includes the election of union officials and strike votes. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) : Not a union but rather an association that seeks to advance the shared interest of its member unions at the national level. Union Security : The survival and security of a union depends on its ability to ensure a regular cash flow of new member dues to support the services it provides. Therefore, unions typically place high priority on negotiating two contract provisions that are critical to a union’s security: checkoff provisions and union membership. o Checkoff provision- A union contract provision that requires an employer to deduct unions dues from employees’ paychecks o Closed shop- A union security provision requiring a person to be a union member before being hired. Illegal under NLRA o Union shop- A union security provision that requires a person to join the union within a certain amount of time after being hired. o Agency shop- A union security that requires an employee to pay union membership dues but not to join the union. o Maintenance of Membership- Union rules requiring members to remain members for a certain period of time (such as the length of the union contract). o
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MGMT HR ch14 - Chapter 14 8 questions Union structure,...

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