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Persuasive Speech Self-Assessment Form Name: Date: Directions: As you complete this assignment, reflect on your skills as a speaker and how you might continue to improve your skills. First, fill out the grid immediately after class – what are your strong points in both content and delivery, and what can you improve in both content and delivery? Then provide thoughtful answers to the questions below. Strong Improve Content Sources Outline content transitions Organization Thesis clarity Delivery Movement Eye contact Time Visual aid Not leaning Prolonged eye contact 1
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Questions: 1. What are your top three strengths as a speaker? To what do you attribute your success? -I think that I speak extemporaneously very well, which I attribute to instinct and practice. -I think that I am good at organization generally. I attribute this to editing and simplicity. -I think that I am good at projecting my voice; I attribute this to confidence in what I am saying. 2.
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231-010_Self-Assessment_Persuasive - Persuasive Speech...

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