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231-010_Self-Intro_Assignment - Self-Introduction Speech...

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Self-Introduction Speech Assignment (Comm 231-010) For your first formal speech, you will prepare and deliver a short speech introducing yourself to the class using a unique and/or memorable experience, characteristic or relationship. Describe yourself to your audience using this information as an overarching organizational pattern. This is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from your classmates and establish common ground that may be useful as you tackle future assignments. This speech and outline are worth a combined 100 total points ( Delivery = 75 points; Outline = 25 points ) Minimum Speech Requirements 2-4 minutes o IMPORTANT: These are the penalties for not adhering within your designated speaking timeframe… If you are OVER, you will be deducted 1 percentage point for every additional 30 seconds you talk beyond a 30 second window. Ex. If you talk for 4:45 instead of 4:00, you will be deducted 1 percentage point from your final delivery grade. So, if you received a
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