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Greek myth reading summaries

Greek myth reading summaries - 2 Gilgamesh(MFM pp 50-125...

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2. Gilgamesh (MFM pp. 50-125) Tablet 1 Gilgamesh is most powerful and terrifying king of Uruk Aruru (goddess of creation), makes Enkidu as strong to stand up to him and makes him live in wilderness hunter sees Enkidu and tells his father; father tells him to ask Gilgamesh to lend him temple prostitute, who has power greater than Enkidu prostitute visits Enkidu and tells him about how terrible Gilgamesh is; causes Enkidu to challenge him Tablet 2 prostitute and Enkidu go to Uruk; Enkidu sees that Gilgamesh is about to take another man’s bride so he fights him and Gilgamesh comes out victorious o Enkidu pledges his loyalty because he lost and they both become friends Enkidu tells new friend about Humbaba (guardian of a forest that is forbidden to mortals) o both decide to fight monster and accept death as long as they leave their mark as heroes Tablet 3 and 4 elders of Uruk warn Gilgamesh not to rely on just his own strength and to use Enkidu’s knowledge of wilderness because he needs all help and protection he can get to defeat Humbaba Gilgamesh’s mother formally adopts Enkidu as her son Tablet 5 Gilgamesh has nightmares but Enkidu interprets them as fortunate; sun god tells them that Humbaba is wearing only one of his garments that spread terror (instead of seven) and that they should fight him now o sun god sends thirteen storms against Humbaba so that Gilgamesh can overtake him o monster begs for his life but Enkidu urges Gilgamesh to kill him o Humbaba warns them that they will be cursed but Gilgamesh still kills him Tablet 6 Ishtar wants to be Gilgamesh’s wife but he refuses; she becomes furious and sends Bull of Heaven to kill him Enkidu and Gilgamesh wrestle bull and kill it Tablet 7 Enkidu has nightmare that gods are angry at Gilgamesh and him and met to decide their fates o one of them must die and Enkidu is the chosen one Enkidu says he’d rather be forgotten forever than fated to die; curses hunter who saw him in wilderness and took him away from his home
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o sun god tells him that when he dies, Gilgamesh will wander earth completely overtaken by grief o suffers for twelve days and then dies Tablet 8 and 9 Gilgamesh distraught by friend’s death; he builds statue of Enkidu to honor his deeds and to celebrate his fame wanders alone into wilderness o decides to seek out Utnapishtim, who survived flood that almost ended life on earth and was only mortal granted everlasting life o in order to get to him, he must walk dark path for twelve hours (no mortal is supposed to survive darkness) Gilgamesh emerges from tunnel Tablet 10 must cut poles to sail with Utnapishtim’s brother across sea o old man stands on shore and says that death is a certain destiny, even if we don’t know when exactly it will happen Tablet 11 and 12 old man is really Utnaphishtim; as test to be god, Gilgamesh should try to go week without sleeping o
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