MythMidtermGuide - Hyperboreans Indo-Europeans Io Ishtar...

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CLAS 2040 Study Guide for Midterms Below are a number of names and terms we've encountered so far this semester. They are not all you need to know to do well on the midterm, but you may want to use them as a starting point for studying. Achilles (Akhilleus) Adam and Eve Aegean Sea Aeschylus aetiology/aetiological Agamemnon Ajax (Aias) Alexandros/Paris Andromakhe Anu Aphrodite Apollo Apollodorus (mythographer) Apsu Archaic Period Aristotle Artemis Atrahasis Briseis Bronze Age (historical/archaeological) Bronze Race collective unconscious colonization Crete Daniel (Nebuchadnezzar's dream) Darius Dark Age Delphi (oracle) Deucalion Diomedes Ea/Enki Enkidu Epimetheus Eros Ethiopians Europa Evans, Arthur Fertile Crescent Five Ages/Races Flood myths Gaia Genesis Gilgamesh Glaukos ( Iliad ) Golden Age Golden Race Hekabe Hektor Helen Hephaistos
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Hera Hermes Hesiod Homer Humbaba Hyginus (mythographer)
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Unformatted text preview: Hyperboreans Indo-Europeans Io Ishtar Islands of the Blessed J Writer (Hebrew bible) Jung, Carl kleos Kronos Kumarbi Linear B tablets Lydians Lykaon ( Iliad ) Marathon Marduk Mecone Meleager ( Iliad 9) Menelaos Mesopotamia Minotaur Mycenaean civilization Myscellus Nestor Niobe ( Iliad 24) Noah Oceanus Odysseus Olympic Games Olympus, Mt. oral composition Ouranos Pandora pan-Hellenism Parry, Milman Patroklos Phoenicians Phoinix Pisistratus polis Poseidon Priam Priestly Writer (Hebrew bible) Prometheus Pyrrha Rhea Salamis, Battle of Sarpedon Schliemann, Heinrich Silver Race Storm/Weather God (Kumarbi legend) "Succession in Heaven" myth Thermopylae Theseus Thetis "Things of Stone" (Gilgamesh) Tiamat timê Titans Typhoeus tyrant (in Greek sense) Utnapishtim Xerxes Zeus...
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MythMidtermGuide - Hyperboreans Indo-Europeans Io Ishtar...

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