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soc 260 study guide - 3/16 Class Notes COMM 260 3/16 Wendy...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/16 Class Notes COMM 260 3/16 Wendy Zomparelli, guest speaker • If there is only one woman in the board room, she is often not listened to o As the number of women increases, they are listened to more • She works at Roanoke Times which is owned by Landmark o CEO Frank is very ethical and likes diversity o First woman editor-in-chief and publisher of Roanoke Times Under her, they built a new building and Scarborough named them the highest read twice Her leadership team was half female Not knowing that barriers existed helped her do things at Cornell Diversity contributes to success because you can get a lot more ideas People kept telling her that she was “too short” or “too little” Once she became publisher, people began noticing her hair, etc. She left her predecessor’s office the way it was so that people wouldn’t think she only cared about interior design, etc. • If you hire people by yourself, you pick people similar to you o Using a team is a great way to hire We need to think about what traits/characteristics we want to hire Check references We need to get past judging by appearance • Second challenge: the forces of masogony are alive and well o As long as you talk about a person’s job specifics instead of attitude, then giving feedback will be ok If you think you’re being discriminated against, ask your peers and try to find out if it’s true o Ask how can I be better and help the team? If people give you feedback, you have to act on it o She did a series on what it’s like to be gay- they lost 500 subscribers in the first 3 weeks She got a lot of hate mail and hateful phone calls o According to a report last year, earnings of women are 80% of men’s One year after college, women earn less o Popularity track: women try too hard to get everyone to like them, try to be a pal instead of being a leader We are cultured to act this way o We need to offer support to women in trying times (ie the writer of the teen pregnancy stories who ended up leaving the paper)- we need to let them know that the business is behind them and that they aren’t out there alone • Fourth challenge: the myth that women can have/do it all at the same time o If you try to do everything at once, you won’t be as good at things o We can choose where and how to spend our energy o Managers should ensure that there’s a good child care program o Years of service is not the only way to determine pay • Fifth challenge: scarcity mindset o Women are good at supporting other women but we don’t take true delight in...
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soc 260 study guide - 3/16 Class Notes COMM 260 3/16 Wendy...

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