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COMM 260/SOC 260 Leadership across the Disciplines Note: this is just a partial syllabus. Daily assignments will be updated Instructor : Tom Bateman McIntire School of Commerce Office: 394 Robertson Office hours : join me for lunch after class, or stop by my office any time, or make an appointment by email Email: [email protected] Phone: 924-7060 Course Description This three-credit course for 2 nd year students examines leadership from different disciplinary perspectives, including commerce and liberal arts disciplines. The course will include some guest speakers from different departments in the College, as well as outside speakers from the private and public sectors. Topics include, but are not limited to: historical perspectives; transformational leadership; followership; problem solving and decision making; cultural factors; personal factors; power and influence; visionary leadership; ethics; and Presidential leadership. Throughout, three questions pertain: 1) Where are the opportunities for leadership? 2) How do leaders think? 3) What do the best leaders do? This course serves as a stand-alone course and also as a prerequisite to advanced leadership courses. Students interested in taking the leadership curriculum— another three-hour course in the third year, followed by a six-hour, field-based practicum in a leadership role, will submit an application later in the semester. A leadership minor is available to students in the program. The course is cross-listed as Comm 260 and Soc 260. The course is not a prerequisite for the Commerce School, and does not fulfill any Comm School requirements. It is for any second-year student who is interested in leadership. The course will revolve around lectures, readings, and discussion. It will not focus on skill development or experiential exercises. The course will serve as a prerequisite to Comm 361. That subsequent course, available to third-years who have taken 260, will be smaller and more customized, experiential, and skills-focused.
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Required Materials 1. The Leader’s Companion: Insights on Leadership through the Ages , J. Thomas Wren (Ed.). The Free Press, 1995. You will have reading assignments from this book all semester, and these materials will be covered in exams. 2. The Art of Possibility , R.S. Zander and B. Zander. Penguin Books, 2000. This book is essential for one of your papers, and perhaps covered in an exam. 3. Coursepack . Cases and readings from these coursepacks will be assigned periodically during the semester, and will be covered in exams. 4. Toolkit materials . Mostly newspaper columns and magazine articles, these too will be assigned periodically throughout the semester, and are covered in exams. Grading Elements
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syllabus - COMM 260/SOC 260 Leadership across the...

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